Wholesale Full-Spectrum Nano-Enhanced CBD Oil

Vision Aura Hemp Oil is an industry leading supplier of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil extracts and oil tinctures. We’re compliant with the FDA’s current Manufacturing Practices, and only supply locally sourced hemp products. We are a brand that prioritizes transparency and consumer knowledge.

How to start: All you need to do is give us some context and information about your company in the form below. Our team will follow up with the full application, as well as a comprehensive pricing breakdown. We can walk you through the entire process, including education on the products, and assistance placing a first order that matches with your business needs. Joining our Wholesale program grants you access to the full capacity of our support, education and promotion.

Vision Aura Wholesale Products

A wholesale account with Vision Aura is the perfect way to enter your business into the exploding CBD market and bring the benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil to your network. As a Vision Aura CBD wholesaler, you will have access to our entire line of industry-leading tinctures in a variety of flavors and sizes in bulk. We supply the best bulk Full -Spectrum Hemp oil products at the best price. Making a Vision Aura CBD wholesale account an excellent tool for joining the industry, take advantage of:

  • Full-Spectrum Nano-Enhanced Organic Hemp CBD
  • 3rd Party Lab tested for Purity
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, GMO Free
  • A QR code on every bottle to view batch information and Cannabinoid profile, complete transparency!
  • 6 Flavors of Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
  • Unflavored for Pets!
  • Non-GMO, grown on select farms in Kentucky, USA

Give your Customers or Patients Exactly What They Want

As the legal landscape changes, more research is being actively done on the real benefits of CBD. What more and more people are discovering is that the actual benefits are unlocked when you include the full range of compounds found within the hemp plant. Full-spectrum Hemp Oil creates a holistic solution that is more effective, longer lasting and requires fewer drops than a manufactured CBD isolate.