What are Cannabinoids? (CBD)

Cannabinoids are one of many chemical compounds found in cannabis, known collectively as cannabinoids. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the second most famous cannabinoid. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD’s work their medicinal magic by imitating compounds our bodies naturally produce, called endocannabinoids, which activate to maintain internal stability and health.

What is Industrial Hemp?

It is a variety of Cannabis sativa and is of the same plant species as marijuana. However, hemp is genetically different and distinguished by use and chemical compound makeup. The U.S. federal government acknowledges that CBD/hemp is legal, so long as the THC concentration does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis. All of our CBD is independently lab tested.

What is CBD used for?

CBD enhances circulation and regenerates cellular activity, which means that there is an ever increasing number of conditions that can be treated with this particular cannabinoid. CBD is used to treat a wide range of conditions including: epilepsy, joint pain, nerve pain, acne, skin problems, inflammation, muscle soreness, migraines, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, opioid addiction, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, cancer and so much more.

What is the Endocannabinoid System? (ECS)

Endocannabinoids are produced naturally by cells in the human body (“endo” means “within,” as in within the body).The Endocannabinoid System has been recently recognized as an important modulatory system in the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. It appears to play a very important regulatory role in the secretion of hormones related to reproductive functions and response to stress. It serves a vital purpose for our health and well-being because it regulates key aspects of our biology. To understand the ECS, it’s helpful to understand homeostasis, which is one of the most fundamental aspects of biology.

What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the concept that most biological systems are actively regulated to maintain conditions within a narrow range. The tendency of the body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment, even when faced with external changes. A simple example of homeostasis is the body’s ability to maintain an internal temperature around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, whatever the temperature outside. Our body doesn’t want its temperature to be too hot or too cold, blood sugar levels too high or too low, etc. Conditions need to be just right for our cells to maintain optimum performance. Therefore, the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a vital molecular system for helping maintain homeostasis—it helps cells stay in their optimal zone.

Does Vision Aura’s Hemp Oil ship all across the The United States?

Yes. Vision Aura specializes in the distribution of 100% Organic high-quality hemp nutritional products and dietary supplements. The United States Farm Bill of 2014 classified industrial hemp as containing less than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis. Since Vision Aura’s products contain less than 0.3% THC, we are allowed by U.S. Federal law to ship across all 50 states.

Will I get “high” if I consume Vision Aura’s Premium Hemp products?

Absolutely Not! It is made entirely and only from 100% Organically grown industrial hemp and contains only trace amounts of THC–the equivalent of table pepper. As such, our hemp/CBD is not a “Schedule 1” substance under US federal law.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. The fact that CBD-rich cannabis is non-psychoactive or less psychoactive than THC-dominant strains makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditionswithout disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. Scientific and clinical research—much of it sponsored by the US government—underscores CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions,including arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, chronic pain, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, antibiotic-resistant infections, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere. Further evidence suggests that CBD is safe even at high doses. Project CBD responds to inquiries from all over the world. Almost everyone wants to know where to get CBD-rich products and how to use them for maximum benefit. After decades in which only high-THC cannabis was available in North America and beyond, CBD-rich strains and products are now available to medical users. For more information on the science behind CBD, go here: www.projectcbd.

What is Full-Spectrum Hemp?

While many products are listed as CBD isolate, full-spectrum hemp oil is when the pure oil extracted contains all the original compounds found in the plant itself. Unlike its isolated counterparts, full-spectrum hemp contains a wide variety of cannabinoids, as well as all sorts of other vitamins and minerals, protein, fiber, fatty acids and more. Full-Spectrum CBD is the only form of CBD that will unlock and open the endocannabinoid system. 

Why is that important? (The Entourage Effect)

Full-spectrum hemp products take all the benefits of CBD and adds more. The variety of cannabinoids and other natural compounds found in the original plant work together in what is called the Entourage Effect. This is the concept of the different compounds working in harmony to magnify and boost their therapeutic effects. The complex mix of cannabinoids, essential nutrients, protein, and healthy fats work synergistically to encourage homeostasis and balance in our health. Get these benefits using our high quality, expertly sourced full-spectrum CBD products. *Note – the entourage effect cannot be accessed using Broad Spectrum and/or Isolated CBD. 

What is Nanoparticle Enhanced Oil?

Nanoparticle technology is on the cutting edge of CBD development. This process involves coating the compound with microscopic fat, which allows the effects to be stronger and more immediate. These compounds are called liposomes, the infrastructure of a cell membrane. This allows for a much higher bioavailability, moving through the body with much more speed and ease. You will get much more out of our product with less drops! With most products, only a small amount of oil consumed has an effect on your body. Our enhanced product uses a nano-liposmal delivery system, allowing you to fully absorb and reap the benefiits. Nano-enhanced CBD can be absorbed into your bodies system at a rate close to 100%!