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An affiliate program you can be proud to support! Take advantage of the booming CBD industry by promoting Vision Aura's Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tinctures on your blog, social media profile, or email list!

Earn 10%+ commissions, with transparent payout schedules, and a brand that prioritizes transparency and consumer knowledge.

Why Partner with Vision Aura?

Vision Aura provides you with an opportunity to bring a massive change to the exploding CBD industry. Our team offers you Full Spectrum hemp oil, which contains all the nutrients and compounds found within the hemp plant. 

As of right now, this is the most effective and optimal way to feel the effects of CBD, and as more people look to take a natural approach to health, they are forgetting CBD isolate and instead choosing a Full Spectrum solution that actually works. On top of that, our oil is nano-particle enhanced, which improves bio-availability, meaning more effects with fewer drops. Other features that set us apart include:

Vision Aura Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Benefits
  • NON-GMO, Full Spectrum Organic Hemp
  • 3rd Party Lab tested for Purity
  • Nano-Enhanced for greater bioavailability
  • Vegan, Sugar Free and Gluten Free
  • A QR code on every bottle to view batch information and Cannabinoid profile, complete transparency!
  • 7 Flavors of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (Including for Pets!)
  • Non-GMO, grown on select farms in Kentucky, USA

Benefits of Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Oil made in the USA


As the legal landscape changes, more research is being done on the real benefits of CBD. What more and more people are discovering is that the true benefits are unlocked when you include the full range of compounds found within the hemp plant. Full-spectrum Hemp Oil creates a holistic solution that is more effective, longer lasting, and requires less drops than a manufactured CBD isolate.

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