Who On Your Christmas List Can Benefit From CBD

CBD might be categorized as a nutritional supplement…but can you remember the last time a supplement was surrounded by so much excitement? 

We can’t either. 

And with CBD’s popularity projected to build well into the distant future, it could make the perfect gift this Christmas season. 

After all — who wouldn’t want their loved ones to experience better health in 2020? If nothing else, who wouldn’t want their mother-in-law to become a little more laid back, or see their kids feeling a little calmer?

CBD is a gift that quite literally keeps on giving…and there are several people on your Christmas list that might benefit from it most. Let’s take a closer look!

The Coffee Drinkers

Let’s face it: we all need a lift every now and then. 

That’s where coffee — a naturally-produced beverage which, like CBD, has been recognized for its health benefits recently — comes in. Coffee is rich in antioxidants (the #1 antioxidant source of many Americans, in fact), bioflavonoids, and other compounds (like caffeine!) that should be enough to fight off the winter blues. 

Indeed, a hot cup of coffee is perhaps one of the best antidotes for the depressing weather we call winter. Those who love coffee — or even that friend of yours who seems outright addicted to it — may be surprised to hear that the drink goes great with CBD. |

Your Christmas List Can Benefit From CBD

The Anxious 

If someone on your X-Mas list is overdoing the caffeine, however, they might need CBD for a different reason: anxiety. 

But overdosing on coffee isn’t the only reason for anxiety, of course, so we’re thankful that CBD also offers hope to those with full-blown clinical anxiety. 

It’s true: one of CBD’s most obvious — and immediate — benefits is reduced anxiety. The plant compound seems to modulate serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters en route to keeping one’s mood balanced. Here’s what VAHO customer Kyle experienced: 

“I have had high anxiety for the past few years with a touch of depression. After being introduced to Vision Aura Hemp Oil, I was also informed of the importance of Full Spectrum hemp oil which is what VAHO is. I started taking it after my morning routine including meditation and yoga. After two weeks of adding Vision Aura to my daily routine, I found my anxiety has almost fully subsided. I find myself now living in the moment and not worrying about uncontrollable things. I highly recommend anyone else who suffers from anxiety to try Vision Aura Hemp Oil hoping it may help your life as much as it has changed mine.”

The Digestion-Challenged

The Christmas season has a lot of nice features…but health food usually isn’t one of them. If exposure to sweets has you feeling microbiome-ally compromised, consider CBD. Research shows it may possess powerful antimicrobial and anti-bacterial qualities.

Those with more chronic digestive ailments may benefit from CBD, too. A (shortened) review from one of our happy customers, Karen, might be worth a thousand words: 

I have lived with severe stomach pains and IBS for several years. I have gone to the doctor receiving numerous medications attempting to yield the pain to no success…

After using two different brands of CBD I was introduced to Vision Aura Hemp Oil, which I was skeptical at first because the price was lower and I feel you normally get what you [pay for].

…After trying VAHO’s Full Spectrum my stomach started feeling much better right after using it and shortly after that the pain was completely gone. I would definitely recommend VAHO CBD oil to anyone that has pain. It has changed my life.”

The Sweets-Lovers

On a similar note, the surpluses of sugary food available to most of us at Christmastime can wreak havoc on our body’s insulin sensitivity. 

Yet again, CBD may be the perfect natural antidote. Research shows it may help regulate blood sugar via improving insulin’s function — and this effect holds true for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. 

CBD may even help your body stay in ‘fat-burning’ mode; that could also result in better-regulated blood sugar for you. So while we’re not suggesting you should use CBD simply to counteract oversweetened indulgences…if you’re going to indulge anyway, adding a little CBD to the mix definitely won’t hurt! 

The Overworked

Other members of your friends and family might be blessed to enjoy good general health…but even they could be carrying an extra burden throughout the holidays.  

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to reach Christmas with your job still stressing you out. And just think of the countless seasonal workers out there; they may not be getting any holiday break at all! 

Thankfully, CBD is anti-stress in nature. It could be just the thing to help you kick back, unwind, and rightfully enjoy a season of relaxation with your family. Here’s some social proof from another member of the VAHO family, John: 

“I have been taking VAHO for almost 6 months now thanks to Rick. As a professional in the automotive industry I deal with a lot of the regular stresses that we all deal with. And the pressure of operations within my job can stress me out which leads me to feel anxious. 

I can tell you that after taking CBD oil, I haven’t had any of the anxiety and rather than sleeping 4-5 hours a night, I have been sleeping up to 7 hours. It’s been years since I’ve slept like that. To top it all off, I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery and the orthopedic surgeon prescribed Vicodin for the pain…

…Rick had told me if I could manage it that I should increase my CBD dosage rather than take Vicodin due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. I took one pain pill the first day after surgery and never took another one again! I didn’t need to. This stuff is amazing and I am thankful for Rick and sharing his wealth of knowledge regarding CBD and healthy living.”


Take it from Forbes, who reported last November that “CBD gifts are at the top of every wellness-obsessed woman’s wish list this season.”

The reason? They cite several: “…better slumber, relieving anxiety, easing stress and improving the health of your skin,” before emphasizing that CBD is “an essential part of self-care after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.” 

CBD may be just the gift for that special woman in your life, whether she’s your wife, fiancé, or mom. (yes, even mother-in-laws may benefit, as mentioned earlier.) Also of interest is the possibility that CBD could help regulate feminine hormones

Not to single out an entire gender or anything — men need all the CBD-centric help they can get, too. 


While some stats show women were earlier adopters of CBD than men, times are changing. 

In 2019, men are quickly realizing the benefits of CBD, too! Why? Largely for the same reasons as women —  they aren’t impervious from the stressors of modern life, either. 

And many of the Dads out there are testifying that CBD helped them strengthen the bond to their children (you can thank ECS modulation of oxycontin for at least part of that effect). Other Fathers find CBD helps them relax after a long, stressful workday. 

Another reason why CBD could be great for men? Its sports-specific benefits.

The Health Conscious

CBD is the perfect complement to a healthy life. For the team at VAHO, CBD empowers to go the distance on the most innate level possible. 

We use CBD as a catalyst for the active life. We take it before hikes, bike rides, and weightlifting sessions. We use it to get into the sports-performance zone more easily…and to recover more quickly post-workout and sleep well at night.

If any of this sounds familiar— maybe it reminds you of an especially active friend — consider giving the gift of CBD this Christmas. If you’re the active one, on the other hand, please note that you can also give CBD to yourself! 

One more thing: if you do opt to supply your family and friends with CBD this year, just make sure it’s Full Spectrum. The health-conscious among your friends will definitely appreciate the added value. Want to go above and beyond? Take a look at CBD that’s been Nano-Enhanced, too. 

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