What time should I take CBD?

What time should I take CBD?

With CBD growing in popularity, more people are discovering the physical and mental benefits of taking it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, due to the muddy legal area cannabis products operate in, sourcing and learning about CBD can be a difficult experience.

Despite FDA approval, there has yet to be guidelines on what time of the day is best to take CBD, as a result people can waste time and money when trying to decide on a CBD schedule, or routine that works for them.

Information about dosage can come from manufacturers, advice from friends, or your own personal experience. Over-dosing can fast-track you to results, but you may be using much more than is needed for your body.

There is no universal dosage that fixes everything. Your dosage amount should hand in hand with your weight, body condition, CBD concentration as well as desired affects.

The right way to take CBD

The best way to take CBD is via the sublingual method. This involves placing drops underneath your tongue and holding it for 30-90 seconds.

This allows for the CBD to dissolve and absorb through the tissue directly into your blood. This skips the digestion process, getting the oil directly where it needs to go.

Morning Vs. Night

When taking CBD in the morning, try taking a lower dosage than at night. CBD in large quantities can produce a drowsy effect, where taking it in a lower amount can provide energy and re-vitalize the body.

At night, we suggest taking CBD about 30 minutes before bed. You will feel the effects in your system close to when you sleep, and it helps you peacefully doze off. This may also inhibit lucid dreaming, which is a powerful state where you are in full control over your dreams.

Take It A Few Times A Day, Not A Large Dosage At Once    

If you stagger the dosage, you slowly but surely achieve the full benefits of hemp oil. Therefore, instead of constraining yourself to morning or evening only, take little doses of CBD spread out over a day. Map your day carefully such that you slot in CBD time in your daily schedule.       


Dosage Size – One Size Cannot Fit All     

Our bodies are different; what works for your friend may not be the same for you. The body chemistry is not the same across all humans. The higher your body mass, the more CBD oil you require.   

From the initial dosage, check your body’s reaction. After that, increase the amount slowly while keeping tabs on your body’s response. Keep doing this until you strike a perfect balance.    

Why taking Full Spectrum Hemp is your best choice     

Full spectrum means that the oil extracted is from a whole plant. Such a product contains minerals, chlorophyll, omega fatty acids, essential vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals. Unlike CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD is highly effective and can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Similarly, research has shown that an increase in CBD full spectrum dosage will drastically reduce pain and inflammation.      

Importance of maintaining consistency

Having a daily CBD routine helps support your body. An ideal starting point is to take a little at a time. As the body begins to adjust, you can increase the dosage. Owing to variations in your daily schedule, choose a time when you are most comfortable and stick to it.   

Consider taking some in the morning soon after you have had your breakfast. The next session could come in after taking your midday meal. Being consistent ensures you will reach your natural health goals, and sourcing high quality full-spectrum hemp will save you time and money!