What is Nano-Enhanced CBD oil? Why Should I use it?

Want your CBD oil to be 10x more effective? Regardless of what you use it for, sleeping, anti-anxiety, or for medicinal purposes, do you want to feel the effects faster and for longer? There’s now a solution with nano-enhanced CBD oil.

Nano-enhanced CBD oil is made using nanoparticle technology, helping travel through your body without any loss. A process which makes the CBD oil have a stronger/more immediate effect in the body.

Quick Recap on CBD

Despite seeming like a new craze, CBD has its roots in a part of human’s body that many leave dormant. CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system. Found in humans, and all mammals, this system is made up of millions of cannabinoid receptors located through the central nervous system (CB1) and immune system (CB2) that act as communication for your neural networks.

This system helps regulate the body’s general state of balance. A robust part of our body that is being re-examined in a new light as more research comes out around hemp and CBD products.

Nano-Enhanced CBD oil

How Nano-Enhanced CBD Works

Nanoparticle technology is on the cutting edge of CBD development. This process involves coating the compound with microscopic fat, which allows the effects to be stronger and more immediate. These compounds are called liposomes, the infrastructure of a cell membrane.

Nano-enhanced CBD allows for a much higher bioavailability, moving through the body with much more speed and ease. By preparing it this way, you help minimize the amount of CBD lost as it is absorbed through your body and moves through your system. You will get much more out of our product with fewer drops!

With most isolated CBD tinctures, only a small amount of oil consumed ever affects your body. These enhanced product uses a Nano-liposomal delivery system, allowing you to absorb and reap the benefits fully.  You absorb nano-enhanced CBD into your body at a rate close to 100%!

Benefits of Nano-Enhanced CBD oil

Rapid uptake & unparalleled bioavailability

Nano-enhanced CBD oil offers much higher bioavailability and rapid absorption than CBD oil. In simpler terms, nano-enhanced CBD oil is “more absorbing” than conventional CBD oils.

Nanoparticle technology is the most advanced/latest CBD development process. The technique involves covering liposomes with microscopic fat which results in a more immediate and stronger effect.

The resulting liposomal delivery utilizes the power of intravenous therapy in oral delivery. Intravenous treatment (via the veins) offers the fastest and most concentrated delivery. Nano-enhanced CBD oil is made to move faster, smoother, and in the highest concentration possible. This process, in turn, offers benefits such as; getting more out of fewer drops. With prices still high in the industry, this means you get more bang for your buck when it comes to ordering a tincture!

Zero waste (absorbed at a rate close to 100%)

Typical CBD oil absorption is reduced. Only 10% of CBD oil in conventional products is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Meaning 90% of CBD oil consumed is wasted. Compare that to the almost 100% of nano-enhanced hemp oil consumed is absorbed.

Why VAHO CBD is your best option for nano-enhanced CBD

There are several nano-enhanced CBD oil brands, but not many shine like Vision Aura.

We’re unmatched because our product is prepared by people that understand the industry, not just re-sellers trying to make a quick buck. Being full-spectrum hemp oil also means you get the full range of nutrients and compounds found in hemp, as well as CBD. These different variables interact in a process called the Entourage Effect, essentially compounding the effects of CBD on your body, making it even more useful!

Vision Aura tinctures were designed from the ground up to maximize effects on your body, and most importantly save you money and time. Comparing Full Spectrum, Nano-Enhanced Oil to an Isolated CBD tincture, it’s clear you could be spending your money in a much more fruitful way.

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