The Latest in Absorption: Nano CBD

CBD is sometimes called the miracle molecule. There’s a reason for that: cannabidiol is good for an incredible variety of diseases, yet even those perfectly healthy can use the plant compound to optimize their lives and truly thrive. 

And unlike conventional medicine, full spectrum CBD is virtually free from side effects. The worst thing it could cause?  A little drowsiness, if one takes ‘too much’. On the other hand, though, this minor side effect can be leveraged to improve sleep in those who need help in that area. 

If CBD seems to be taking off, that’s because it’s unlike anything else the modern world has ever seen. Talking about the plant family from which CBD oil is derived, Ph.D. neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo says this: “Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy, and the most useful plant on Earth.  No other single plant contains as wide a range of medically active herbal constituents.” 

The Absorption Issue

But CBD does have one drawback: it’s not very well absorbed. The human body just isn’t able to make use of every single CBD molecule that it ingests. A person taking CBD oil, for example, may only be actually getting (and using) 20 or 30% of the bottle’s CBD content. If you’re taking 20mg’s of CBD per day, your body may really be getting only five.

That’s not ideal, from either a health or cost perspective. While things can be done to help boost CBD’s bioavailability a little bit, like taking your CBD oil with an omega-3-rich meal or citrus fruits, in the end fighting against human pharmacology is a losing battle. The liver is too good at breaking CBD down, and the CBD molecule itself is too big to really permeate every area of the body and mind. 

In the past few years, scientists have found a solution. By breaking down CBD into smaller, nano components, the plant compound becomes easier for the body to absorb; easier to ‘understand’, in a sense

Welcome to the world of nanotechnology. Much like the world of cannabinoid research, nanotech has been studied since the mid-1900s but has mostly been quiet since then —  until now. 

A Cutting Edge Solution

Why are small molecules more effective than normal ones? The answer is partially mathematical: 10 mg of normal CBD will have a much smaller overall surface area than 10 mg of nanoparticle CBD. More surface area means more interaction between CBD and the receptors it activates; it also means much faster absorption

But nanoparticle CBD isn’t just about smaller size and greater surface area. Its microscopic molecules have another cool quality: they’re coated with a microscopic layer of fat. And since CBD itself is fat-soluble, this coating protects it from premature breakdown and may boost absorption rates even higher. 

The technical term for this coating process is phospholipid encapsulation. While that might sound complex and science-ey, it’s actually surprisingly simple. Even our body’s own cells use phospholipids as the building blocks for their membranes; the process is as compatible with our biology as one can get. Many vitamins and supplements are taken in gel capsules, right? There’s a similar basic concept at work here. 

Unparalleled Absorption

The end result of all this is specialized CBD molecules that behave very differently from normal ones. They possess all the same amazing biochemical qualities, hit all the same endocannabinoid receptors, etc…but they’re also much more welcomed into the body. Nanoparticle CBD can even fit itself into small areas that normal CBD wouldn’t reach.  

Best of all, nano-CBD oil has an amazingly high bioavailability: 99.9% Yes, that’s right — virtually every molecule of nano-enhanced CBD a person takes is fully utilized by the body. So if you’ve been using some ‘other’ CBD oil and make the switch to nano, you might just have to quarter your normal dose! This is even more true if you’ve been taking a cheaply made CBD-isolate product. 

But don’t worry — you won’t find any CBD isolate here. That’s because we at Vision Aura want our customers to experience the plant-based holistic lifestyle that every human deserves. And this lifestyle includes holistic hemp… hemp that’s as true to nature’s original design as possible. 

What you will find at Vision Aura is industry-leading, Full Spectrum, Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil. Thanks to our proprietary phospholipid encapsulation method, you’ll get greater health benefits with fewer drops and less money. Most importantly, you’ll get the CBD experience that’s best for you. 

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