John K

I have been taking VAHO for almost 6 months now thanks to Rick. As a professional in the automotive industry I deal with a lot of the regular stresses that we all deal with. And the pressure of operations within my job can stress me out which leads me to feeling anxious. I can tell you that after taking CBD oil, I haven’t had any of the anxiety and rather than sleeping 4-5 hours a night, I have been sleeping up to 7 hours. It’s been years since I’ve slept like that.To top it all off, I recently had arthroscopic knee surgery and the orthopedic surgeon prescribed vicodin for the pain and Rick had told me if I could manage it that I should increase my CBD dosage rather than take vicodin due to its anti-infammatory and pain relieving properties. I took one pain pill the first day after surgery and never took another one again! I didn’t need to.This stuff is amazing and I am thankful for Rick and sharing his wealth of knowledge regarding CBD and healthy living.