Jenny Frazier

I bought VAHO’s pet drops for my dog and saw incredible results quickly after only a couple of days in his food each morning. My dog is 10 years old. He is nearly deaf, blind, and often catches infections. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on prescriptions from the vet and nothing ever seemed to work. One of my friends suggested I try CBD and referred me to VAHO, as it is one of the few suppliers of CBD that are full spectrum, organic and vegan. These pet drops allowed me to ditch the prescriptions and at the same time saved me so much money! After weeks of consistently giving my dog CBD, his infections cleared up very quickly. I also noticed his temperament change, as he seems much more comfortable and has his “puppy” energy back. I am so thankful to have found a supplement that ACTUALLY WORKS and would highly recommend that all dog owners give their dogs CBD whether they have illnesses or not… I believe it is good for any animals health and wellbeing!