Karie Thornton

Vision Aura hemp oil saved this diabetic elderly man’s foot. His foot was set to be amputated. The nursing facility had tried all kinds of antibiotics, wound vac and other wound care treatments. Everything they had tried failed. My sister, his wound care nurse, asked the doctor if she could try CBD oil on his wound. She told him how Vision Aura’s CBD had rapidly healed my second degree burns. The doctor agreed and laughing said “Well it might help with the pain until his foot comes off. ” In just a few days the foot had significant improvement. The doctor canceled his amputation surgery and allowed the CBD treatment to continue. Within 3 months his wounds were healed! The nursing facility has started treating other non healing wounds with Vision Aura Hemp Oil and are seeing similar results.

Scott Kinville

I LOVE this product!! I have sleep and anxiety issues. I’ve tried other cbd products but vision aura has been the most effective and it tastes great!!!!

Susie Swek

There should be a 10 star choice as I am very pleased with its product and can’t give enough accolades to their owner and customer service skills…I will gladly pass this names Company and their highly effective product as far and wide as possible…!!!

Hillary Rose

I have been working in the health and wellness industry for over three years now. I have had the opportunity to try many CBD oils but Vision Aura is the first CBD product I have tried that has produced noticeable and immediate effects. I take Vision aura in the morning for anxiety reduction and overall balance within the body. I have noticed an improvement in my mood, digestion, focus, and even my yoga practice! On the rare occasion I have trouble sleeping I take a dose before bed and I am out like a light! Thank you Vision Aura!

Sara Dean

VAHO is the best brand of CBD oil I’ve seen out there. It’s the highest quality you should expect from a CBD oil plus the nano technology makes it more effective than other brands. I use less which makes it a better cost option as well.