Research Around Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

As the world continues to be more accepting of cannabis, there has been a considerable growth of interest in CBD and the physical & mental benefits it can provide. Over the last few years in an attempt to build credibility, CBD has been isolated into its purest form to gauge the benefits on a sole basis. But people have realized returning hemp to its natural state can maximize its benefits.

In recent years, full spectrum hemp oil has emerged as a way to combine CBD with the rest of the hemp plant to massively boost effects and amplify dosage. Like any person interested in natural health, scientific evidence supporting claims can help you feel more confident in giving it a shot.

We wanted to recap the most prolific studies done, and give some suggestions if you’re going to take it yourself. CBD products can vary in effectiveness based on the person, goals, and amount taken, so the best judge is your own experience.

What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

First, we should quickly outline what full spectrum hemp oil is. As opposed to an isolate, it contains all the cannabinoids found within the hemp plant, in addition to vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and more.  These compounds work together in your body Provide anti-inflammationstress reductionaided sleep, assistance with anxiety and depression, and much more.

The first research paper we want to focus on is a 2015 staple piece regarding the superior effects of having the entire plant as opposed to a CBD isolate. The colleagues at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem looked over studies done in the last 15 years regarding the anti-inflammation effects of isolated CBD. among all of them a consistent factor was found when the amount of CBD exceeded a certain dosage size; the results began to slow down and eventually disappear entirely creating a bell curve.

Research Around Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Because of this, its medical usage became very difficult to gauge. You needed to fit your dosage within a specific window, and if you over or under did it, you could potentially waste your money and time and have no beneficial effects. Looking for a better solution they began combining CBD with a variety of minor cannabinoids, and other vitamins found within the hemp plant. The goal of this was to eliminate the bell-shaped curve that CBD produced, in hopes of finding a way to create a measurable and effective dosage.

The results proved decisive as their new Full Spectrum solution provided real pain relief with a much smaller dosage amount compared to isolated CBD. Also, the effects did not disappear after a certain amount of dosage was reached, instead it plateaued which suggests that the maximum beneficial potential was reached. Finding this is fantastic news, as dosage could now be measured and appropriately administered.

It seems funny is that the most logical and practical solution with the simplest. Instead of isolating certain compounds of the hemp plant, use the entire thing! But sometimes, the most straightforward answers can only be reached once you’ve exhausted every option. Also, scientific research is fundamental to make sure we are dosing correctly and providing optimal solutions to patients with a variety of illnesses. It’s incredible how powerful and effective natural medicine can be!

The Entourage Effect

This concept of synergizing hemp compounds to maximize effects is referred to as the Entourage effect. The Entourage effect means that the cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds help bring the best out in each other making the plant greater than the sum of its parts. The best example of this is how trace amounts of THC in full spectrum hemp combined with the CBD to produce entirely different positive medical effects on the body. CBD has been researched to show that it helps Mitigate the effects of THC by blocking cannabinoid receptors, which can reduce anxiety and paranoia the THC causes typically.

One of the most common benefits of CBD cited as its assistance with pain relief. Many people mention its properties as the natural painkiller, even going so far as to switch to it thoroughly compared to over-the-counter drugs. People with chronic pain may be prescribed marijuana, but do not like the effects large amounts of THC can have on your body. Taking full spectrum hemp oil or a CBD isolate can help you achieve freedom from pain, but still, have it be a natural solution.

Mentally, CBD dosage can reduce anxiety for things such as public speaking, completing stripped stressful tasks. Many people have come to rely on CBD to help with social anxiety, or even with things such as going to parties, introducing yourself to new people, or speaking in front of a class. Building on its anxiety-reducing effects, it can also help with sleep and insomnia, using it as a sleep aid is much better than traditional over the counter methods and will make you much less dependent on it in a toxic way.

Other benefits include anti-cancer properties, protection from neurodegenerative diseasesmultiple sclerosis symptoms, and even potentially reducing seizures or helping people deal with epilepsy. You can read more about the effects CBD has had on people in our testimonial section, as the results tend to vary from person to person, as well as their dosage and for how long they’ve taken it.

What you need to know before you order

No matter the reason, ensure you’re ordering your products from someone you can trust. With the industry snowballing, many people are looking to cash in on a growing space. Usually, this is by repackaging other people’s products and selling low-quality CBD for absurd prices. Always look into the background on the computer ordering from, ask questions via email and ensure they can provide you with the necessary documents, or expertise to help you improve your health.

When taking full spectrum hemp oil, we strongly suggest using the up-titration method. Just start with a small dosage and track the effects as you work your way up on a week-by-week basis. Once you’ve reached a dosage amount that produces the desired results, you can maintain that. This works much better than taking a massive dosage at once, and never knowing explicitly how many drops it took to reach that point.

If you are transitioning from CBD to full spectrum hemp oil, we strongly suggest starting small as well because the effects are hugely amplified, and we do not want you wasting any money, time, or product. Best of luck on your journey!

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