How to Properly Dose Full Spectrum CBD Oil

How to Properly Dose Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Best organic CBD Oil is becoming more popular as we speak!  One question commonly floating around the community of people taking or interested in CBD is ‘what dose of CBD should I be taking?’ Like everything else in the world of plant medicine, there are few authoritative voices. Dr Dustin Sulak, one of the leading doctors in the cannabis field at, recommends starting slow, as we do.  He states that ‘less is more’ and we recommend that approach as well.  We have put together a simple dosing guide and an easy to follow step by step graphic for you visual learners!


Before we jump in, we will cover what is CBD for those beginners that may be new to the topic. Once we have established a baseline knowledge we can proceed to the rest of the article. If you believe you have sufficient knowledge about CBD and full spectrum versus isolate feel free to jump ahead to the title ‘Dosage of Full Spectrum CBD’. If you are a beginner, this article will be a great starting point for your CBD information needs. 

Let us start by discussing basics. CBD is a chemical that is naturally found in cannabis. The fancy name for CBD and related chemicals is called a cannabinoid.  To date more than 100 cannabinoids have been discovered in cannabis. There are a number of other plant chemicals in cannabis, none of which have been found to be toxic to humans! These include terpenes, sterols, plant esters and other molecules that are found in the plant.  In fact, there have been over 400 types of molecules found in the cannabis plant. The most popular or well-known cannabinoid is THC, which you may be familiar with.  Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids.

There is a stark difference between how CBD and THC act in the human body.  THC acts as a psychoactive, while CBD is not.  THC gets you ‘high’, while CBD is likely to balance your overall systems, resulting in such benefits as pain relief, anxiety relief and other benefits as well. 


Full spectrum CBD and CBD isolates can be explained in a very complex way.  We feel that simple language is best and explain it to you that way. 

If CBD provides the user with health benefits, why don’t we isolate it and take it like a vitamin? Well, that is precisely what CBD isolate is. Laboratories extract the CBD from cannabis and inject it into different products such as oils, soaps and creams.

In contrast, full spectrum CBD contains many of the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and plant compounds that are found together to have a wider therapeutic range than CBD isolate!   In simple language, that means that your dose of full spectrum CBD oil is likely beneficial to you even if your dose isn’t absolutely correct.  In fact, no one knows exactly what the correct dose actually is, making the advice ‘start low, go slow’ very relevant.  Another advantage of taking full spectrum CBD is that the plant compounds work together to provide what is called the ‘entourage effect’, meaning that the chemicals in the oil work together to enhance the effects over what would be found in a single type of chemical such as a CBD isolate.


Now that we are all caught up, we can look at how to dose full spectrum CBD. As you will see below, we provide an infographic that summarizes the details of this section.  Feel free to refer to this infographic when you need a reminder of how to best dose yourself. 


As we mention, there are many ways to take CBD.  Whether lotions, creams, or soft gels, the type of product will determine how much you actually get into your system. Another way of saying this is that the different products have different bioavailability.  Bioavailability is how much of the compound will be absorbed by your bloodstream, providing its effect in near and remote locations in the body.    It turns out that CBD oil taken sublingually is probably one of the most bioavailable methods to take CBD oil.  In fact, this is what we recommend. 


As we discussed, full spectrum CBD oil contains many of the other cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds, so that we recommend this, and remind the reader that full spectrum CBD oil is one of the more bioavailable products on the market. 

Our experience shows that full spectrum CBD oil is more effective than the isolate, and strongly recommend it.  Since more of the product is absorbed, it is probably cheaper than buying CBD isolate.


Do you have debilitating anxiety?  Alternatively, are you trying to just get a good night’s sleep? Depending on the severity of your condition or other factors not yet well understood, you may want a higher dose of CBD oil. 

The most important part of this step is to define your goals for CBD therapy.  Write down what you are currently suffering from and what type of relief you hope CBD will provide. Without this step, you may not be able to determine when to stop increasing you dose! 


It is likely that the more you weigh, the higher the dose you need for relief.  This may be partly true, but has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Some people are just more sensitive to CBD and although you might need more because of your weight, you might not!  That is why we recommend starting slow with a low dose.  As we like to say, ‘start low and go slow’. 


Once you start with a small dose 3 times a day, monitor your symptoms and assess them after one week.  If you don’t feel any effect with one drop three times a day, increase your dose to 2 drops three times a day.  Is it too much?  Cut back to 1 drop once a day and two drops twice a day.  Is it not enough?  Then it’s time to increase your dose as above to 2 drops three times a day.  Incrementally increase your dose until you find relief. 

What is a small dose?  Whatever product you choose may have a recommended dose.  I would start with that or possibly a bit more if you have experience with cannabinoids.  Take the dose three times a day and observe for about a week.  If you don’t have any relief from symptoms, increase your dose by one drop three times a day. Repeat this process after a week until the desired effects are felt.  Because different products have a different amount of CBD in each drop, an exact recommendation is not realistic. We have laid out some examples so that you can get the idea. 


Jane Doe – an average size woman – has anxiety and mild back pain.  She started by taking one drop of full spectrum CBD oil 3 times  a day for the first week.  Jane did not feel the desired effects, and thus she increased it to two drops three times a say in week 2.  In the second week, she found that the CBD was providing her with decreased anxiety and relief from her back pain. She stabilized and continued to take two drops three times a day. 

In the second example, Mike Smith ( al large man weighing 300 lbs) has recently had surgery and is looking for a natural alternative to pain killers. Mike may get up to 6 drops three times a day to fully feel the effects he desires. It is entirely dependent on the person, and the most important part is to listen to your body!


When using CBD oil try the sublingual method by placing the drops under your tongue and holding for a few minutes until the oil is absorbed.  This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to obtain your daily does of CBD.

We hope this article provides some clarity as to how to dose full spectrum CBD oil! If you have any questions feel free to contact us as we welcome your questions of any kind.

Properly Dose Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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