Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs: Our Full Pet Guide

For so many of us, natural health solutions don’t have to stop with the human beings in our family. CBD offers an excellent solution for our pets, regardless if they slither or are fuzzy. With CBD and hemp-based supplements rocketing to mainstream awareness, this has led people to ask us a variety of questions.

Is CBD okay for my dog? Does it Focus primarily on anxiety and skittishness, or is it more for physical ailments? What’s the difference between CBD isolate, and full spectrum hemp oil? Are there brands or flavours I should avoid? And much more. We want to provide clear and concise solutions to your problems, and hopefully give you a better idea of what to look for when wanting to purchase CBD.

Benefits for Animals

There is a wide array of benefits to giving your pet CBD. We want to outline some of the significant overarching benefits below.

Helps reduce anxiety:  full spectrum hemp oil can be a great relaxant for any pet that struggles with staying calm. We’ve seen it be very useful for dog struggling with noise phobias, separation anxiety, or socialization issues.

Treatment of seizures and epilepsy:  CBD has performed very well in seizure and epilepsy treatment for animals. Most dogs that suffer are prescribed heavy drugs that can alter personality and hurt their organs; it’s worth considering alternative sources to minimize seizures.

Relieves pain:  if your pet has recently undergone surgery,  or has health issues, a common route is to provide CBD to help minimize the pain and suffering your furry friend has. Working it into an already established routine can help make your dog happier and healthier.

There are a ton of other benefits, including the ability to stop cancer cells from growing, treat inflammatory bowel disease, protect the nervous system, and even help with appetite. There are a variety of mental and physical benefits your pet can receive by taking CBD.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs

Background on Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

So now you understand the natural health benefits of giving CBD to your pet, so we should break down the core components of this nutritional supplement, and the different forms that it comes in.

Full spectrum hemp oil for dogs contains all the cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. In addition, it includes a ton of additional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and much much more.

These different compounds work together to help maximize the effects of CBD on your body and provide a much more impactful and cost-effective solution when looking into natural hemp-based products. Of course, CBD in its isolated state is also available for those that want to be 100% sure that there is only CBD involved. But the reality is, when THC is removed, the endocannabinoid system does not activate, therefore, no effects can be felt from isolated CBD unless it is combined with THC. 

There’s a ton of research done around full spectrum hemp oil, and CBD isolates. It can assist with anti-inflammation, stress reduction, aided sleep, assistance with anxiety and depression, and much much more. You can read more about significant research papers in our article here.

These products come in a variety of forms, but of course, we’re talking about giving it to your pet. The most common types are in an oil tincture, edibles, vapes, and even creams and rubs for topical treatment.  We break down the best way to give it to your pet so that they’ll eat it below.

How to give it to your animal

Most of the methods of CBD above work well if you’re human. But if your dog is jumping around it might be challenging to give drops underneath the tongue!

Putting drops in your pet’s food or water is probably the best way to administer dosage. You can mix it in with flavors they already like and handled dosage in a very transparent way. We recommend adding CBD oil to your pet’s food instead of water. 

The next question is how much CBD should you give your pet? The bottles come in a variety of sizes, and do dosage amounts apply the same from humans to animals?  To find the right dosage for you, we recommend using the up-titration method.

Up-Titration Method

You might be tempted to drop a lot of CBD in at once; sometimes this can do more harm than good. By starting with a minimal dosage and slowly increasing, you can adequately gauge the real effects of CBD on your pet, and figure out what dosage is required to achieve the desired results.

We recommend starting with one or two drops in the morning and at night and carefully monitoring the effects. It’s important to know what goals you’re specifically looking for so you can know you’ve hit the right dosage amount.

Of course, a big part of this will include the size and appetite of your pet, start with recommended dosage based on weight and slowly work your way up.

This method ensures you won’t waste your time and money, as putting 15 drops in my work right away, you won’t know if your way is overdoing it. Have the patience to make sure your dog, cat, or any other pet gets the nutritional benefits they need.

<p>For so many of us, natural health solutions don't have to stop with the human beings in our family. CBD offers an excellent solution for our pets, regardless if they slither or are fuzzy. With CBD and hemp-based supplements rocketing to mainstream awareness, this has led people to ask us a variety of questions.</p>

Why Full Spectrum is your best option for animals

Regardless of your pet, well-sourced, full spectrum hemp oil is your best bet to ensure your animal friend gets the benefits they need. With the industry growing so fast, many greedy companies are looking to make a quick buck re-selling other people’s CBD products, making it hard to know who to trust.

Make sure to research the background of the companies you are sourcing your products from, and ask the difficult questions to ensure they know their stuff and are ready to stand by what they produce.

Additionally, we strongly suggest getting full spectrum hemp oil instead of CBD isolate or broad spectrum. FSHO contains the full range of nutrients found within the hemp plant and works together to have more impactful, longer-lasting effects on less dosage. It saves you both time and money! 

Our full spectrum hemp oil is nano-enhanced, which helps it to travel through yours or your pet’s body to be even more impactful. We believe in providing natural health benefits to the world, and that means making the best product possible for anyone taking it.

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