CBD-Infused Coffee: The DIY Version

What do CBD and coffee have in common? Besides both coming from antioxidant-rich, intermittently-flowering plants, of course? 

There are differences in popularity; CBD’s has come back around only recently, while coffee usage has stayed pretty consistent over the decades. But the two substances have this in common: both are currently trending up. 

There’s a reason for that. CBD and coffee hit our psychological fixes and meet our physiological needs. Both of them address — and overcome — normal limitations on our health, energy, and drive. Use them in tandem, and a perfect pairing emerges. 

A Positive (and Pricey) Trend

So maybe it’s not surprising that people are catching on. CBD-themed coffee shops have materialized all over the Country, and even your favorite local place may be covertly offering a CBD-infused option or two. The trend isn’t selective, either; it’s happening in trendy urban areas and in small towns where cannabis use is still frowned on.

While the shift in consciousness this represents is definitely very cool, that CBD’d latte from downtown’s coffee bar might not exactly be optimal. For one, it may only contain a few milligrams of CBD — in exchange for a hefty upcharge. And the CBD this drink does have could’ve been damaged by heat, or even converted to CBN, if the compound was added to a too-hot beverage. 

Finally, the CBD might not be well mixed into your coffee. You could get an oily first sip…or accidentally leave CBD in the bottom of an empty cup. This problem is pretty tough to address given the fact that CBD is usually fat-soluble.

A CBD + Coffee Solution

Thankfully there’s a better route to take. You can make CBD-infused coffee yourself! 

It’ll be cheaper, more convenient, and most importantly, better than anything you could get from a store. Make the elixir the right way, and you’ll be able to avoid every downside we listed earlier. How? Let’s take a look. 

Step one: Select a high-strength, full spectrum CBD oil or tincture. Preferably a liposomal one — we’ll get to why that’s important later. 

Step two: Brew your coffee. Using your favorite method, of course! Then let it cool off a little bit. If you have a thermometer, you might wait until the coffee drops below about 150 degrees Fahrenheit before proceeding. Don’t worry about it being cold; research shows that 140℉ is just about optimal anyways.

Step three: Once your coffee has cooled down, you can accurately add some CBD oil. Measure out either your daily dose or 10 milligrams, whichever is less. Add this slowly while making sure the dropper doesn’t touch the liquid. You may want to do this in a larger intermediate container or even a shaker bottle. Once again, use a high-strength oil for this if you can. The less total volume you add to the drink, the better. 

Step four: Mix. If you’ve opted to use a liposomal CBD oil (our cinnamon version works perfectly here), you don’t have to put too much energy into this step. That’s because the smaller liposomal molecules in this type of CBD product are water-soluble — so they’ll dissolve right into an equally water-soluble beverage like coffee!  

Step five: Throw in some extras. If you’re into bulletproof-style coffee, add butter, MCT oil or ghee. The additional fat content tastes great, plus it may boost CBD absorption slightly. You can also add in spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. Not only will they complement the right CBD oil; they’ll also add some plant synergy of their own! 

CBD + Caffeine = Controlled Energy

At this point, all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your custom-made beverage. In addition to the normal energizing effects of, well, normal coffee, you might also notice some less expected benefits. That’s because CBD and caffeine don’t just counteract or balance each other out — they actually complement each other, making it possible for you to get the best of both worlds. You can be on the lookout for:

Fewer jitters. A jittery feeling is one of the worst side effects of coffee consumption…but with CBD, you may be able to avoid it entirely. CBD calms down systems that oversee muscular control (like Adenosine A2A) by gently guiding the central nervous system. That means fewer jitters, more relaxed muscle tone, and no heart palpitations!

Less anxiety. It’s already known that CBD reduces anxiety. Conversely, even coffee companies themselves are admitting that caffeine is a drug capable of making anxiety and stress significantly worse. Since this happens via activation of the same stress hormones that CBD so powerfully reduces, it may be that taking CBD with caffeine is the most holistic choice. 

A reduced energy crash…or even a nonexistent one. Since CBD helps regulate fatty-acid liberation (aka fat burning) and keeps things to a slow burn, it may greatly reduce the chance of you experiencing a caffeine crash. 

Better sleep. If you have the dubious habit of drinking coffee late into the day, don’t worry. CBD may allow your body and its sleep cycles to stay photo-entrained, or in sync with the sun. Of course, we don’t advocate for this level of coffee-drinking, but it’s nice to know that CBD could still help.

Better sports performance. You probably already know that caffeine is great for many different types of athletes. And if you’ve been reading our blog, then you know that the same can be said of CBD. Take the two together as a pre-workout, and good things happen. 

Both substances boost CNS activation and fat burning, meaning your energy levels will stay high throughout even the most difficult workouts. Plus CBD functions as an adaptogen, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself recovering faster in anticipation of your next workout session!

While more research is needed when it comes to CBD and coffee, the concepts behind using them together are as solid as it gets. Anecdotal evidence is very promising, too, at least when the combo is served correctly — preferably in a DIY-style setting. 

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