CBD for Women’s Health

As CBD sweeps the nation, we continue to learn just how well it works for so many different things. One after another, various demographics are finding out that CBD doesn’t just work for their friend with anxiety or their relative with sleep problems. It also works… for them

And if you take a closer look at these demographics, like a recent survey by High Yield Therapeutics did, you’ll see that most CBD users are women. 

Could there be an explanation for this? Absolutely. In an almost metaphysical way, CBD itself is feminine. It boosts many of the hormones that are most important to women, like estrogen and serotonin; it’s even derived from female hemp plants!

And thanks to subtle differences in how their endocannabinoid systems work, women may actually require a little more CBD than men. More research is needed to determine this for sure; regardless, women who start using CBD are reporting all sorts of health benefits.  As you’ll see, not all of these benefits may be things you’d expect…

CBD For Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones are biological messengers that initiate certain functions in the body. For example, the hormone insulin is produced by the pancreas (especially after a sugary meal!) to regulate blood sugar.  

In an ideal world, our hormones would ‘fire off’ correctly at the times they were most needed in order to maintain balance. But, just like the endocannabinoid system, the endocrine system that oversees hormone production can get thrown out of whack. Women in puberty or menopause are especially vulnerable to these hormonal fluctuations — making them perfect candidates for using CBD. 

Women are also more susceptible than men to something called pregnenolone steal syndrome, which is where stress makes one’s body produce more cortisol and less of everything else.  Thankfully, CBD is anti-stress in nature; it lowers stress hormones like cortisol and relaxes the central nervous system. While these qualities make the plant compound good for everybody, women may once again stand to benefit most. 

CBD + Hormone Treatment 

It’s not too late for those who already have hormonal problems, either. A recent Chinese study found that cannabinoids may help reduce the hormonal imbalances that come with menopause. More specifically, cannabinoids make hormone therapy more effective by optimizing the CB-1 endocannabinoid receptors with which these hormones identify. 

It may be that CBD extends the window of time in which hormone therapy can help menopausal women, much like it extends the therapeutic window of many pharmaceutical drugs. While it’s too early to say for sure yet, look for more follow-up research in the future. 

CBD for Digestive Health

Stress levels and gut health are interrelated; many women with anxiety and stress have digestive issues because of it.  So we’re not surprised that many women are taking CBD for their digestion! 

After all, recent studies show that CBD effectively combats diseases like IBS. The same anti-inflammatory qualities responsible for that make CBD good for gut health in general. On an even broader scale, CBD’s impact on the mind-body connection carries over into benefiting what scientists call the gut-brain axis. 

And while we’re still not sure what area comes first in the case of gut-brain axis dysfunction (is it the gut’s hormones triggering the brain, or the brain’s hormones triggering the gut?), it’s clear that CBD improves the subtle bonds between both. 

Of course, women are choosing CBD for reasons that transcend biology. Many women welcome progressive views on health and wellness, something that might make them more likely than most to try CBD.

Women also tend to place emphasis on a company’s mission and motives — something many CBD startups are also especially vocal about. A Merkle and Levo report found that 47% of women knew the origin story of their favorite product’s brand. 
Regardless of your gender, we hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about our founding story and what makes our business tick. As a CBD company, it’s hard not to be enthusiastic about the health and wellness opportunities that come from this amazing plant. CBD is a truly holistic solution, one that’s already helped countless women achieve optimal health. Will you be the next?

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